Meeting Point at St Mary Oatlands

A grant in October 2013 funded a group outing for 50 Members of Meeting Point to see ‘Fallen Angels’ – a Noel Coward comedy this January.

“Everyone at Meeting Point is extremely grateful to the Pargiter Trust Fund. Thanks to the grant, a large group enjoyed a very special day out”.

The trip was fully booked very quickly and those attending enjoyed the anticipation, were assured of their safety and comfort, visited a wonderful new theatre and enjoyed lunch before being entertained by the excellent acting and beautiful stage set. Even the coach provided amusement and camaraderie. It was a happy experience shared – and provided lots to reminisce about – the trip will be talked about for months to come.

“The best thing about the theatre outing was that 90-year-olds could still get out and enjoy what younger people do! The happy chatter was proof of the positive impact of this experience. The Pargiter Trust’s generosity has been welcomed by all at St Mary Oatlands and communicated to the surrounding community thanks to our monthly newsletter. It has helped highlight the work done by Meeting Point and will no doubt attract even more of the local elderly population to join us”.

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