Grace’s Story

Whilst shopping this week I met an older Lady, probably in her nineties, for ease I am going to call her Grace. Grace was looking very confused; this was the third store she had visited that day and was clearly getting very distressed. Grace was out for her weekly shop and needed toilet paper.

Grace lives alone and is reliant on public transport, she has a limited budget and can’t afford to bulk buy or more importantly carry it all home. It’s a cold wet Wednesday and Grace only want two rolls, that’s all she could carry.

Let’s reflect on the current situation before we stockpile and fill our cars with a mass shop, that we probably really don’t need. Many older people are living on a tight budget, reliant on public transport and rarely in the position to bulk buy.

The next time you are in the supermarket and feel the need to fill your shopping trolley with excess amounts of toilet roll, rice or tinned food etc. Stop, think and reflect, lets rebuild some Grace in humanity. Do I really need it!

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