Sue Ryder Care – Awarded a grant of £2,000 towards supporting the running of The Synergy Cafes.

Since this funding, they have continued providing the 11 Synergy Cafes throughout Suffolk with a full team of staff and the support of 25 valued volunteers.

They have launched a new Ipswich Synergy Café, open every Wednesday, and 14 people have signed up and are attending.

In the last year, the Synergy Cafes supported over 338 people, of which 90% were over the age of 65, to live healthier and happier lives resulting in visiting the doctor less, improved emotional and psychological health and improved physical health through participation in exercise-based activities at the café.

“Before I found this place I was struggling with [caring for my husband]. I was constantly angry, frustrated and depressed. I had no one to talk to that truly understood. Coming here has literally saved me”. (Carer)

“The friendships made here are so important and valuable. It’s so comforting to have someone to talk to that is in a similar situation. Knowing you’re not on your own is so helpful, it feels like a weight has been lifted”. (Carer)

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